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Sunday, January 1, 2017


Scar tissue built up

Laughs come easy
Humorous giggle

Love is too hard
Can't trust my heart

Words that smile
There are no more tears

Loneliness is a place
Comfortable isolation

Chaos is somewhere else
Miss it, a little 

Don't chase anybody 
Can't find what your not looking for

Eyes wide awake shout
There are no more tears

Will not trust
Can't trust

The sound of rain 
Cleanse the soul

Distraction of the day 
Listening to misery on the news

Misery ubiquitous 
Pain feels alive

Words from the past
Don't let people see your pain

Words from yesterday 
Patiences severed up cold 

Pain feels alive
Eyes wide awake 

Chaos wants revenge
Deception lurking near

Scar tissue builds new
Rain cleanses 

Laugh come easy
Distracting regret 

Smile come easy
No more tears

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

flickering memories

Images in the fire
Flickering in flames
Reflecting memories
Cause the colour
Of my skin
Rejected by pretenders
Turn your back on me
Reflections in the flames
Mothers keeping score
The damage I have done
I feel their anger
The hate drips off
Another stranger
In the dark
Burning in the flickering light
Reflecting mirror
Images dancing in the flames
Turn your back
Rejected by pretenders
The pain is real
No plans for the future
Watch the flames devour
Flickering moon light
A stranger looks back
Who did I think I was
Flickering in the flames
Memories and no meaning

Saturday, October 22, 2016

into the darkness

Driving into darkness
The life I thought I had
Nobody from nowhere
Meaning nothing to no one
Leaving nothing but shadows
Just another sunset
The footsteps on my soul
Every rain drop
A little regard
Washed away
The fire burns out
Tomorrow to late

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

god invented it

Lust and spite
gifts from heaven
God invented revenge
Digging holes in a rose garden
Between the rain and sunshine
Apples rotting in the sun
The serpentine in you
hiding in the shade
Stealing all the joy

Cotton Candi shaking like a stripper
That's gods work too
Got a lock on desire

Paradox of free choice
The refuge of cowards
Planting trees in a rose garden
Between the rain and sunshine
It's the only thing I know
Joy leaks from the soul
Karma has decisions to make
The sun shines bright
As the lighting strikes

Cotton Candi shakes like a stripper
Doing gods work
Got a lock on desire

Watching all the agony
Like a Priest at confessional
The water rains down
Mocking death drowning
Cleansing the soul
All the people
Revenge in their heart
Hope in their minds
Karma smiles meekly

Cotton Candi shakes like a stripper
Doing gods work
Got a lock on desire

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I lay my head down

The best slow death
Waking up in that cold sweat
Wondering where I have been
The cancer eating me
From the inside out
The cloudy haze only dulls
The quick witted

Blending night and day
Part of me never letting go
Another part gave up long ago
I lay my head and close my eyes
A dream without sorrow
Life does  not care
If you are happy or sad
If you have made good choices or bad
Life is the best leukemia to have
Searching for perfection well spent
Searching for the unattainable
A happiness gone unrealized
Already something else before found
A long line of  the rejected
I lay my head down to sleep
Thinking I will do a repeat
And the day is already gone

Friday, June 10, 2016

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

the sun speaks

the sun speaks to me
in that silent way
sunshine reflecting off the waves
telling their stories 
eight minutes old
wind just loud enough
to drown out humanity
calm tranquility
a motorbike
fires up
a distraction for a second or two
silence calms the soul
as the waves sing that lullaby
the sun speaks
silently to me
reflecting off the waves
wind just loud enuogh
to drown  the murmur of humanity
slashing waves sing a lullaby